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Air Products Celebrates National Manufacturing Day℠

International News

Air Products Celebrates National Manufacturing Day℠

Consumers Benefit Daily from Company’s Manufacturing of Innovative Products 

Drink out of a glass today? Drive across a steel bridge? Put air in your vehicle’s tires? Admire any metal sculptures at an art museum? In recognition of modern manufacturing, Air Products (NYSE:APD) joins manufacturing industries throughout North America today in celebrating and recognizing National Manufacturing Day℠

In addition to its core industrial gas business, Air Products designs and manufactures world-leading equipment for natural gas liquefaction (LNG)air separationhydrocarbon recovery and purificationturbomachinery, and liquid helium and hydrogen transport containers and storage tanks. Beyond its own manufacturing, Air Products is integral to manufacturing around the world as its many customers’ own manufacturing operations produce countless goods that touch the lives of consumers daily around the globe in positive and sustainable ways. 

“We strive to operate our manufacturing operations in a sustainable manner and produce products which help our customers improve their sustainability performance through higher productivity, better quality products, reduced energy use, and lower emissions. We don’t make many products that are directly used by consumers, but Air Products is a manufacturer that contributes to our customers’ products that we use every day,” said Seifi Ghasemi, chairman, president and chief executive officer at Air Products.

Some examples of products in which Air Products plays a role include: 

  • Glass – Oxygen helps melt glass in a way that saves energy, reduces emissions, and improves quality. Nitrogen and hydrogen are used in the forming process to make flat glass for windows, furniture, and cars. Additionally, inert gases improve the insulating properties of windows. 
  • Steel – Steelmakers use oxygen in their furnaces to produce more and better steel, faster. They use argon to make stainless steel. And heat treaters use hydrogen and nitrogen to give the steel the right strength and other properties.
  • Tires – High-purity, high-pressure nitrogen is used to cure the rubber when tires are manufactured.
  • Welding – Argon, helium, nitrogen, and hydrogen, are essential tools for state-of-the-art cutting and welding.

These are just four cases showing Air Products’ involvement and assistance to the global manufacturing industry. If you are interested in learning more about other products you might use daily that Air Products contributes to in some form or manner around the globe, please visit from A to Z. This web site will provide you a more detailed description of these many additional manufactured products.

Introduced in 2012, National Manufacturing Day is a national celebration of all things manufactured. It was initiated by Founding Partner Fabricators and the Manufacturers Association International to motivate the public to learn about manufacturing, and underscore the economic and social significance of manufacturing. 

In more than 50 countries around the world, Air Products provides valuable manufacturing jobs which have helped to accumulate a wealth of expertise that enables the company to offer a wide range of services and manufactured equipment. The equipment is produced at several manufacturing sites and is sold to customers in many industries, including those in metals, glass, chemical processing, electronics, energy production and refining, food processing, metallurgical industries, medical, and general manufacturing.