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Air Products’ Liquid Nitrogen Injection System for Food Processing Eases Mixing, Forming and Grinding Operations

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Air Products’ Liquid Nitrogen Injection System for Food Processing Eases Mixing, Forming and Grinding Operations

Company’s Freshline® LIN-IS Temperature Control System Helps Manufacturers Optimize Food Processing Speed and Product Quality

Air Products’ (NYSE:APD) proprietary Freshline® LIN-IS system, which uses liquid nitrogen to deliver rapid, precise temperature control to a blender or mixer/grinder, enables food manufacturers to optimize processing speed and product quality. The tailor-made temperature control system is ideal for chilling ground meat prior to forming hamburger patties, marinated chicken prior to forming nuggets, and many other products that require heat removal during the mixing, blending or grinding process. 

The Freshline LIN-IS system injects ultra-cold liquid nitrogen during grinding, blending or forming, removing the amount of heat required to bring a food product within a half degree of the desired temperature. The system can remove heat generated by friction and mechanical energy in mixing equipment, as well as provide additional cooling required to reduce the temperature of products prior to forming or other further processing steps. 

Available in either a bottom or top injection unit, the LIN-IS system can be retrofitted to new or existing mixers, blenders or any type of stainless steel vessel. The nozzle size, arrangement and configuration are custom-engineered to meet each food manufacturer’s specific processing equipment and temperature requirement. The system is easy to operate, clean and maintain, and complies with the latest hygienic design standards. 

Air Products has more than 15 years of experience retrofitting its Freshline LIN-IS system on various types of mixers and grinders at customers’ sites. The company can also work directly with blender, mixer and grinder OEMs to install the system on new equipment prior to delivery, saving customers time and money.

For more information about Air Products’ Freshline® LIN-IS temperature control system for food mixing, forming and grinding operations, call (800) 654-4567 (mention code 9543) or visit www.airproducts.com/LIN-IS.