Customer Contact Center – Packaged Gas

In order to provide the best possible service to our Packaged Gas customers, our Order-To-Receipt (OTR) Customer Care Team are on call to centrally service all our customers’ orders, deliveries, invoices and account queries.

By dialling +27 (0)11 977 6444 +27 (0)11 570 5224 you will be connected to one of our fully trained team members, who are equipped to deal with any query, from placing an order, expediting a delivery or handling a complaint about any deficient product or service. Should the team not be able to assist on any query, they will re-direct the call to someone who can resolve the problem. The call centre is open between 08h00 and 16h30 – Monday to Friday.

Should you have an After Hours Emergency, please contact us on 0800 650 315

Customer Equipment, Installation & Maintenance


We install and maintain equipment of all types, including cryogenic tanks, gas generators, hydrogen installations, process equipment that uses gas, gas distribution systems and mixing panels.



Air Products South Africa provides a 24 hour, 7 day a week back-up maintenance service. Preventative maintenance is carried out on a regular basis according to a schedule. This system is part of the ISO 9001 listing therefore regular audits are carried out to ensure compliance.

All equipment complies with industry specifications, safety standards and is maintained as such. Copies of maintenance sheets will be issued to the customer. All work is carried out by trained technicians, the customer is requested not to carry out any work of any nature except for the operating of the system for which he has been trained.

Any addition or alterations to the installation must be routed through Air Products who have qualified personnel to design and carry out these additions or alterations. Customers are encouraged to maintain their portion of the installation such as tank fence, tank pad, gates, water point and electrical supply in good working order and according to local specifications and standards.

Gas Management Systems

Gas management can be costly and time consuming. No matter which industry you are in and the challenges you face, Air Products has the service solution for you. There are many Air Products customers in Southern Africa who appreciate the benefits.


We are able to provide this service where customers require the additional comfort of telemetry assisted data.